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Playing Music Since I Was 9

I grew up in a musical household, beginning with my mother, who taught guitar. I began with cello at age 9. My parents chose that instrument, for reasons unknown to me. The cello was larger than me at that age, so, after a year, my parents switched me to a much smaller instrument: the flute. I detested the flute, but was forced to stick with it for several years, as my parents were under the impression that I was going to become the next Jean-Pierre Rampal.

Ditching The Flute

When I was fourteen, I finally began learning two instruments that I actually liked: the guitar and the piano. I taught myself the guitar. I took piano lessons from an elderly gentleman who happened to be a retired professor of piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Suffice it to say, he was an excellent teacher. He, however, would’ve been horrified to learn of my more recent musical choices.

The Autumn War

In college, I formed a rock band called The Autumn War. We played the bar scene around Chicago for several years, recorded a couple demo cds, and got our fill of late nights in smoke-filled clubs. Even now, I continue to record tracks on my own, as the software and hardware available these days makes it dead simple to do so in the comfort of home.

Home Recordings

From time to time, I’ll put up a track on this site from my home recordings. For those interested, I usually record either on Garageband or Cakewalk, using an external Edirol interface, and a Rode NT1 microphone. Nothing too fancy.

And, yeah, feel free to download any of my tunes for your own use. I don’t mind. If you do, though, I ask that you spread the word around a little about this site. If, for some reason, you want to use one of my songs in a commercial application that will be then sold, please get in touch with me first.

As of 2022…

These days, I’ve been recording music in two fictitious bands: Inflatable Hippies (random stuff, from instrumental techno to folk to Christmas music) and UDK (rock, alternative). I just released the first UDK album– “Love in the Time of Pandemica.” The Hippies stuff is all over the place, like I mentioned before: Christmas in the Multiverse, Floaters in the Sky, Nightlights.

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