Tormay Tales

Tormay Tales

Tormay Tales are stories that take place in the world of Tormay.

However, you really have to read the trilogy first before you read these stories. If you don’t, they’re not going to make much sense.

The Seal Whistle tells the story of Janek, a wandering orphan, who arrives in the fishing village of Averlay and is immediately embroiled in the mysterious designs of a traveling peddler. In a land of murderous snowcats, ancient curses, and the walking dead, Janek must defeat the Dark before it finds an artifact of great power.

The Silver Girl reintroduces one of the main characters of the Tormay Trilogy… The horseman was riding north when the storm caught him by surprise, blowing out of the sky in sudden fury. The village of Brean was the nearest refuge. The only problem was that the village had secrets. Dangerous secrets, particularly for a stranger. The Silver Girl takes place not long after the end of the Tormay Trilogy. However, even though the Darkness was defeated at the end of the trilogy, the shadows will always come again, as long as there is night…

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