“Mr. Snow”

I just posted an old story I wrote called “Mr. Snow.” You may find it here. I suppose it’s a love story, if it’s anything. I usually don’t write in that genre, so I’m still surprised I wrote it, even after all these years.

2 thoughts on ““Mr. Snow””

  1. Aaaw! How very cute. And amusing. A bit predictable (I knew all along that… oops, sorry, no. Won’t say it. Spoiler, dontcha know), but that’s all good. Love stories are supposed to be predictable. (Incidentally, of course it’s a love story, there’s no supposing about it!) Very much enjoyed it; this is actually much more “my” kind of story than your other most excellent works. Jeeves ho- I shall now go and look out “Damsel in Distress”.

    1. Ha. Yeah, very predictable. It’s the journey, not the destination. If you haven’t read A Damsel in Distress, I’d highly recommend it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s Wodehouse’s best, but it’s definitely in his top 10. The two leads are among his most sympathetic, and the plot he winds around them is fabulously intertwined.

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