Modern Knaves, Inc.

I find myself dreading the onset of an election year. The advertisements, the flyers, the commercials, the editorials, the talking points. Santorum, Paul, Romney, Gingrich, Hunstman, and Obama (I’m assuming that no one will challenge Obama on the Democrat side of things). All of them, in different and overlapping ways, strike me as knaves. If you take even the quickest peak through their voting and legislative records, they are all weathervanes. What happened to people who stood for what they believed in, regardless of polls and changing fortunes?

One of the questions I ask myself is: would I want to work with this fellow in my day-to-day business? Would I want to be involved in a lease-agreement, a construction job, a Farm Bureau campaign? No, decidedly not.

We no longer find our heroes in politics. Instead, we find brittle men, hungry for power and blind to their own arrogance. Still, I will vote. I hope we all continue to do so.

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