6 thoughts on “Meghan Gurdon in the WSJ on YA”

  1. Wow! That article s excellent, indeed. I am teaching lit this year. There are so many fabulous books that dont contain any of the horrid content that seems so popular these days. Just makes you wonder who is behind all the despoliation (i have to look up that one!)smut. Or wait, i do know…

    1. It’s an old article, but it seems even more apropos now than when it was first written. Yes, there are tons of great books out there. Though, it seems like you have to reach farther back into the past for them. What year are you teaching? Is it high school?

    1. Yeah, she makes some good points. Presupposes some sort of moral compass, which seems to make a lot of people uncomfortable these days, but…maybe being uncomfortable is a good thing every now and then.

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