March of the Fiddler Crabs

March of the Fiddler CrabsThis is what I did in my free time yesterday. Please listen to it with headphones. If you listen to it with your regular computer speakers, you’ll miss quite a lot of the sounds in it. Anyway, I didn’t have a title for it when I was writing it, but, once the piece was finished, “March of the Fiddler Crabs” seemed to fit nicely. Speaking of nice, I’m usually not a big fan of clarinet (unless it’s in the context of a well-done Rhapsody in Blue), but I’m pleased with how the clarinet in this one sounds. Nice sample, courtesy of the Budapest Philharmonic.

4 thoughts on “March of the Fiddler Crabs”

  1. The crabs are marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah… Not having any headphones handy, I had to disobey orders and listened to it headphoneless. And I still like it a lot.

    1. Thanks, but it seriously works better with headphones. Most computer speakers automatically cut out a lot of low-end. I’m guessing you’re probably not hearing the bass part properly. It’s a vital part, kind of like how monkeys are a vital part of any self-respecting zoo.

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