Lovers and Lunatics

Well, the new book is almost ready to publish. Lovers and Lunatics is a mild departure for me. True, I’ve written humor before (see: The Mike Murphy Files), but this one is a step beyond. It’s a politically incorrect take on suburban family life. I think I was trying to channel Jerry Seinfeld, but from a different perspective. Streetlight Graphics is finishing up with the final cover files, so I aim to have it published by the weekend if all goes well.

A lot of author-pontificators say that, if you want to build a writing career, you need to stick to one genre. I could care less about that sort of thing. Yeah, I’d like to build a writing career, but I’m more interested in writing what I want to write. I wanted to write humor for this book, not epic fantasy, so that’s what I did. I have the benefit of a 9-5 job that I enjoy (most days), so the economic pressure of building a writing career doesn’t exist for me. Doing what I enjoy occupies a rung higher up the hierarchical ladder.

Anyway, Lovers and Lunatics. Coming to Amazon and Createspace soon…

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