Lovers and Lunatics

My new book is finally here! Lovers and Lunatics is now live on Amazon for ebook and paperback. The book is somewhat politically incorrect, but I happily took swings at both sides of the aisle, so don’t get too grumpy with me. If you have some thin-skinned relatives living in Manhattan or Kansas, I would encourage you to buy them several copies. Hopefully they won’t cut you out of their wills. Anyway, Lovers and Lunatics has a bit of everything for everybody: French film directors, illegal tourists, fast food, gourmet food, questionable neighbors, gophers, bureaucrats, large Russian women, you name it. If you’re breathing and sentient, click on over and pick one up.

4 thoughts on “Lovers and Lunatics”

      1. Weird. I was just about to ask you about and here you go commenting on it. Was your account originally with And, if so, are Canadians now officially blocked from purchasing on the .com site?

        1. I don’t think we’re officially blocked. When I clicked on purchasing the book, it told me that in order to do that, I needed to transfer my account to the .ca site, and gave me a bunch of caveats about what that would mean (i.e. previously purchased music and video files would no longer be able to play, which was irrelevant to me). So I don’t think switching was mandatory. But I transferred my account, and it charged me Canadian funds. Now that I’ve switched, it no longer lets me purchase ebooks from the .com Kindle store, but I could still get paperbooks from the .com store.

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