Love Song!

CheckYourMemoriesYes, you read that correctly. I just wrote and recorded a genuine love song. For my wife (who patiently puts up with me, etc). The song is a bit on the messy side, but who cares? I don’t. I just enjoy the creative process. I tend to forget the bouquets of roses and the Hallmark cards and the trips to Tahiti, but I guess I can write a song every now and then.

So. Man up. What’s the last creative thing you did for your spouse? You don’t have to write her a book or build the Taj Mahal or conquer Persia, but, hey…the creative impulse is one of the few things that sets us apart from the raccoons and the moray eels. Even those little wiener dogs. They don’t have a creative bone in their wiener-like bodies.

Get going. Even if it only consists of toothpicks and superglue. It’s still creative.

2 thoughts on “Love Song!”

  1. Made him a greek salad. He’d have about as much use for a poem as for a poke in the eye, alas. On the flip side, the last creative thing he did for me was to build me a flower bed at the front of the house. As he got himself a nasty injury in the process (cut his toe on the shovel) that thing’s got serious value! Roses and Hallmark cards are overrated, IMO.

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