Latest Amazon publish: The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

I’ve often been accused that my books don’t have enough romance in them (well, I think it’s mostly my wife that makes that remark). Hopefully, The Girl Next Door shall put that thought to rest (at least, for now). TGND is a rewrite of an older story I wrote called “Mr. Snow.” The rewrite (of course!) is vastly superior.

I seem to be thinking in parentheticals today (am I coming down with something?).

Anyway, if you enjoy romance, dry humor, subtext, or eating food, you’ll probably enjoy The Girl Next Door. Sidenote: after I had settled on the title (and already published the story), I discovered that a great many erotica books bear the same title. Rather irritating. There’s love and there’s lust. Long live love, and may lust die a dreary death amidst the jaded shadows of futility.

This all begs the question, why is a writer of fantasy suddenly writing romances? Easy. It’s all about human interaction, whether it be via sword-fighting or the battle of the sexes.

4 thoughts on “Latest Amazon publish: The Girl Next Door”

  1. I’m with your wife. I’m *so* with your wife. Bring on the romance! Actually, that’s one beef I have with “Tormay”, not enough people getting married. But that’s just me. Your standard fantasy reader might feel inclined to gag at too much of that mushy stuff.
    Girl Next Door is great; if you ever write more along those lines, I hope your wife is willing to share.

    If you find out what peculiar affliction causes hyperparantheticalitosis, let me know; I’ve suffered from a terminal case for years (actually, I haven’t suffered. I’m quite happy with it.).

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