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I was just interviewed in a local community newspaper called Off 68. The name refers to Highway 68, which is the main road here between Salinas and Monterey. Anyway, you never know exactly how interviews are going to turn out. This one went well, I’m happy to say. You can read it here. I’m even smiling (somewhat) in the photo, which surprised my wife. I usually forget to smile. I tell her that I smile on the inside, but she doesn’t buy that.

9 thoughts on “Interview in Local Paper”

    1. It was pretty much out of the blue. The reporter just called me up. A friend of mine, unbeknownst to me, knew her and had told her she should check out doing an article on me.

  1. Cool. Interesting to get some info on what you’ve been doing with your life since way-back-when (pardon me for not quite buying into the extra-terrestrial-origins story you’re offering as your bio, usually; it’s nice to hear the terrestrial version). And, yeah, nice smile. You could make a habit of it, might make people wonder what you’re up to.

    1. Whoops. Trying my hand at using html tags, and obviously failing. Sorry for all those italics (let’s see, did that work?).

        1. No worries! Yeah, I’m not sure where that smile came from. I usually subscribe to the poker-face approach to life.

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