I really don’t understand modern humor…

In honor of my current paranoia (prompted by the humorous epic fantasy I’m just about to publish), I’ve been scouring the Humor Bestseller lists on Amazon, trying to figure out what constitutes humor these days. Bit late, yes, I realize that, in terms of significantly affecting my book. Still, one wants to know these things, doesn’t one?

Thank goodness for the Amazon sample system.

I sampled Ellen DeGeneres’ new book. Nope. Tried Mindy Kaling’s new book. Very unfunny (which is alarming, as she is supposed to be funny, no?). This promptly sent me off to Hulu, nervous, to watch a bit of her new show (whatever it’s called). I found that lacking as well. Obviously I must live in a different world… Michael Chabon? Nyet.

What exactly is funny these days? If any of you out there have a humor recommendation (new writers, only), let me know.

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