Hometown Paper Review of The Fury Clock

My hometown newspaper, the Salinas Californian, just did a nice review of my book The Fury Clock. Bit of a relief. You never know how reviewers are going to take a story, particularly one as odd as The Fury Clock. Humor, as we all know, is highly subjective, and, if you mix humor and fantasy together like I did with that book, you get an even more subjective cake.

One more falling rock happily dodged on the trail to…where is it that I’m going?

2 thoughts on “Hometown Paper Review of The Fury Clock”

  1. My student that reads like crazy, who is also brilliant at pretty much everything she does, finally read The Fury Clock. She LOVED it! I told her to write a review for the book. We had fun discussing its hilarity, and both agree you MUST write a sequel or prequel or both. Endless chronicles and all that. Throw in an elf or two.

    1. I’m glad she liked it (and relieved, I’m always just plain relieved to hear someone enjoys one of the books). Can I read the review when she’s done? I’d love to write a sequel. Plenty of fodder there. In my copious free time…

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