Hollywood is a Fountain of Creativity

Well, actually, no. Hollywood seems to be one of the most non-creative places on the planet. Why do they insist on churning out remake after remake? And now we’re getting another Spiderman remake? How dreary. It is even more dreary when you consider how many amazing books there are that haven’t been turned into film. That’s probably a good thing, for the most part. I would love to see some more of the Alistair Maclean books made into film, as well as Desmond Bagley’s thrillers. My better half was wondering the other day why Georgette Heyer’s thriller-romances haven’t been made into film. If I ever become a millionaire, I suppose I’ll have to produce a Georgette Heyer film for her. That’ll be the day.

3 thoughts on “Hollywood is a Fountain of Creativity”

    1. Seriously. I think some of her stories would make amazing films. If done well, of course… At any rate, I bet there’s a tremendous untapped audience for those sorts of stories. Not Heyer, specifically, but stories that don’t leave you feeling less than you were when you originally walked in. I just used 9 words at the end of that last sentence when I could’ve used 1. Oh well.

  1. Okay, what’s the 1 word that would have expressed the same as the 9?
    I totally agree that we need more of those stories in the world.
    And so do movie audiences – every time something like that comes along, it makes a huge hit. And film critics are shocked that people like “positive”.

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