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I will probably offend someone, somewhere, with this post, but that’s life. Life’s too short to waste worrying about who or who you’re not going to offend.

Tiny Goshen College of Indiana just made the news by banning our national anthem at all their sporting events. They actually banned the words last year, and then followed it up this year by banning the music. The administration felt the song was too violent. I’m not sure what kind of sports they play at Goshen College, but they’re obviously sports of the non-violent sort. Such as chess or checkers. Ping-pong and badminton are out because, contrary to what some armchair enthusiasts think, those are extremely violent sports. People die on the badminton court. Have you ever seen someone maimed by a ping-pong paddle? It is a dreadful sight.

Anyway, for those of you sympathizing with the philosophy of Goshen College, remember that history is history. It happened. The yesterdays of our world are filled with violence, war, struggle, desperate plans carried out by brave and desperate men and women. Violence is ugly, true, but it is often necessary in order to avert a much greater evil. Those who forget this sad truth are doomed to live under the rule of tyrants. My own country would not enjoy the freedoms and liberty it now possesses without the lonely choices of a small group of men. They, no doubt, carried out their plans with trepidation and misgivings, uncertain of the future, but certain of their choice. It brought about great violence, but it also brought about a shining future for millions.

I suppose the next bit of news we’ll hear about Goshen College is that they’ve surrendered to a somewhat confused busload of French tourists.

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  1. That is insane. Sheesh. What’s next? Rewriting history books and changing the curriculum to reflect peaceful acts only?

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