Goodbye California version 27

Goodbye California_shortI threw together another musical sketch this weekend. I really need to buy a new vocal mic. This is a super short version of Goodbye California. The full-length song is about four times the size of this version. Anyway, my main interest in this version was experimenting with a new direction in the vocal harmonies. I’ve never used these before. It’s interesting to hear how an alternate set of harmonies can make the melody line sound different.

I was born and raised in California. It’s a lovely state to visit, but it’s gone more than downhill in the past thirty years. The state is kind of like one of those massive redwood trees you see near Yosemite. Gorgeous and majestic, but if you look beneath the bark you’ll find that rot has eaten the heartwood. It’s sad and depressing to see what has happened here. Businesses are fleeing the state, cities are crumbling, we continuously elect people at all levels of government who I wouldn’t trust to run a lemonade stand, there’s no genuine concept of private property here anymore.

Still, it’s a beautiful state to visit. Just be sure to get back home safely.

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