Garden Gate

I’m not sure how to figure out the dates on these old labels, but it would be interesting. Garden Gate is a particularly lovely label. It’s defunct, as is the Salinas Marketing Cooperative. What I find interesting is the tagline “gateway to the valley of green gold.” The Salinas Valley is the valley of green gold, due to its incredible productivity. However, the Golden Gate, depicted in the label, is about one hundred miles north of the valley.  A very distant and remote gateway at best. Marketing copy, then and now, has never been very dedicated to the truth.

5 thoughts on “Garden Gate”

  1. Cool. Up our way, in the Okanagan Valley, they’ve been using old labels like this as design objects for public art- mosaics on city park walls, posters, that sort of thing. Living history.

    You might be able to find out the age via Google Image Search; you can now do a search with the image itself.

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