Four New Tormay Tales

I have finally wandered back into Tormay. It’s about time. The original trilogy took ten years to write. Mind you, I wasn’t writing non-stop during those ten years. A lot happened during that time. Working in Chicago for the VeggieTales outfit. Playing the bar scene with the Autumn War. Started my own company for a while and produced Barney and Bob the Builder DVDs (I will never watch another Barney show in my life. Never). Moved back to California…

However, ten years of working away on Tormay put a lot of ideas in my head that never showed up in the actual trilogy. I knew I would write more about that land, but I had some other books that had to be finished first. At any rate, I’m finally back in Tormay! I’m starting with a series of stories that I’ll be releasing under the shelter of Tales from Tormay. I have four sketched out so far. Two of them feature a main character from the trilogy (the first of those two occur about fifteen years before The Hawk and His Boy, and the second occurs a little bit after the end of The Wicked Day). A third is about a member of the Farrow family who is not in the trilogy. The fourth story is an expansive retelling of a rather creepy anecdote related by Hoon in, I think, The Shadow at the Gate (I’ve always wanted to delve into that one with more detail).

One thing I’m also considering is releasing stories about what happened in the lands far to the east of Tormay, long before the first settlers came. I have tons of backstory material already written about that (I had to, in order to keep my story straight when writing the trilogy–the invisible foundation has to actually exist when you’re building the visible house). Hmm.

If you have any favorite characters that you’d like to hear more about, or if you’re wondering “what happened to…?”, let me know. I’ll add ’em to my list. I can’t promise anything, but who knows?

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