Finally revisited

Okay, the Buy function on Amazon’s The Wicked Day page finally showed up. I can start breathing again. And it’s time to move on to the next book. I typically write a couple books at a time in order to bounce around according to whatever mood I’m in. Currently, I’m writing a humorous look at life in California, a dystopian sci-fi novel, and another fantasy. Even though I shall continue to drift between the three, now that the Tormay trilogy is done, I need to prioritize one of them and give it the lion’s share of my writing time (which, with family, job, etc., is quite short). I’m leaning toward the fantasy, as I’m very curious to see where it’ll go.

6 thoughts on “Finally revisited”

  1. You still need to get The Shadow at the Gate available on Smashwords. Not that I’ve had the chance to read The Hawk and His Boy. Too many books, too little time …

    The same can sadly be said for writing.

  2. We bought a kindle and downloaded the first two books of your trilogy for our trip to Yellowstone. Competition for the kindle was fierce in the backseat so we had to set up time limits so everyone had a chance to escape our Odyssey for yours. Emma missed most of Montana and Andrew and Daniel split Wyoming. I think we should slow down knowing you spent ten years writing it! Emma is anxious to start The Wicked Day and will share her thoughts on the trilogy at books’ end.

    1. Now you’ve made me nervous. Children are some of the most exacting readers around. Anyway, I hope they enjoy the story, and I’d like to hear their reactions later. I hope you all have a pleasant time at Yellowstone.

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