Finally finally finally

Just published The Wicked Day. Finally. It’ll take a while for it to process through Amazon’s system, but…it’s done.

Okay, next book.

8 thoughts on “Finally finally finally”

  1. Congrats, Chris. I know how hard it is to write a book, let alone a good one. So I tip my hat to you. May the Muse continue to bestow you with many more tales to come. 🙂

  2. Congrats on getting through your trilogy! They were all some heavy word count books so I just shudder to think of the amount effort and editing that went into them to get them into publish ready status. The first two were well worth the investment however as I enjoyed them immensely as I am sure I will enjoy the third as well.


    1. Thanks, Scott and Kevis. What a relief to finish! I think the next book I write is going to be a lot shorter…

  3. Congrats, Christopher! I’ve been checking Amazon throughout the day, but so far the only Wicked Day is Mary Stewart’s from the Arthurian Saga–and if yours is as good as that one was…whew!…it is going to be a classic! Looking forward to getting my hands on it soon, soon, soon.

      1. Thanks, Brondt. Yeah, I just noticed it went live (partially). Funny that you’d mention Mary Stewart. My wife just discovered Mary Stewart’s romance-thrillers last week and has been reading them one after another.

          1. That must mean the Buy button finally appeared. Off to take a look myself…yep. Thanks. I hope the story continues and ends well for you. It’s easy to start writing a story, but to end it? That’s different…

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