Film project update

We had a good script meeting Wednesday night. I had a reasonably solid dialogue-free version of the script hammered out already, so we trudged through that, looking for problems and improvements. It always fascinates me how a group of people has the potential to synergize and come up with better ideas than each individual trying to do the same on their own. That isn’t always the case, of course, but it happily proved true Wednesday. I had one major road block in the script when I wrote it. I sat there and thought and thought, but could not figure out how to get from point A to point B. We spent a large portion of Wednesday night trying to figure that one out. Finally pulled it off. Oddly enough, the linchpin proved to be strawberries.

My next job is to incorporate all the changes, run them by the other guys, and then start on the first draft of a dialogue script.

We discussed crew needs as well, but decided we won’t start headhunting until the script is completely finished, all locations have been found, and every last single little shot has been mapped out to our director’s satisfaction. Then, and only then, we’ll start hunting for crew and talent. If you’re in the California area, keep tabs on us. I’ve already had people tell me they’d be willing to come up from Los Angeles. I imagine we’ll get more like that.

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