Editing, editing, and more editing…

I’m currently on page 145 in my last check through The Wicked Day. I love editing, I really do, but this is getting ridiculous. I’ve never been much of a perfectionist in my life, yet now I’m obsessing over adjectives and participles (do I honestly even know what a participle is?). Words, and more words. For instance, there’s a wealth of difference between “also” and “too.” Yes, they might mean the same thing in most instances, but they sound different! Also, the different syllable count can change the rhythm of a sentence (you can’t begin a sentence with “too,” can you?).

Drat. I need to finish this book. I have others that need to be written.

One thought on “Editing, editing, and more editing…”

  1. Well, you know what they say about art: “A painting is never finished; it just stops in interesting places.” Seems to me the art of writing needs to operate on the same principle.

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