Did You or Did You Not (insert whatever here)

DidYouYes, I should probably be writing some kind of epic fantasy or science fiction instead of writing and recording music, but that’s life. Instead of penning the next Game of Thrones (minus the depression and killing off all the interesting characters), I’ve been testing out my new MXL V67 mic. Not bad for a hundred bucks. I think I’ll keep it.

I was trying to go for a dissonant chorus harmony a la Lane Staley and Alice in Chains, but I didn’t quite get there. At any rate, had some fun.

Okay, now I’m off to write some more Tormay epic fantasy. Or maybe some kind of political humor novel about life in Monterey County. What a bunch of lunatics. Actually, anyone who gets into politics is pretty much a lunatic, hands-down, regardless of which party. There are a few stand-outs, yeah, but they’re not par for the course. They’re kind of like Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones. If you know what I mean.

3 thoughts on “Did You or Did You Not (insert whatever here)”

    1. Thanks, Linda. Here are the lyrics:

      Did you love enough
      did you spend yourself like gold
      did you shine
      did you try
      did you die
      did you pour yourself out like water on dry ground
      did you faint
      did you thirst
      would you fly…

      CH: and if we offered up our souls
      if we gave up all control
      do you think the world would love us when we tried
      and when we stole the holy grail
      and hammered in the nails
      underneath a blood-red dead-end sky
      when we all died…

      Did you hurt enough
      did you look right at the sun
      did you burn
      did you fade
      days gone by
      did your candle flame flicker at your end of days
      did you scream
      did you rage
      in that night…

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