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The guys at Powerlineblog recently ran a contest, calling for artistic entries that communicated the gravity of the federal debt. One of the parameters of the contest was that the entries should be able to effectively speak to the 20s and 30s demographic (I think, if I remember that correctly). Anyway, a friend of mine from my old rock ‘n roll days, Mike Pilato, and I wrote and recorded a song called Drowning and entered it in the contest. Mike did all the heavy lifting on the song, as he’s a much better musician and producer than I am. I sing lead and he does everything else (his wife sings some background vocals too). With the $100,000 prize, it would’ve been nice to win, but we didn’t. C’est la vie. You can hear the song here, along with a couple other of the musical entries.

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    1. Thanks, Roger. That’s very kind of you. Yeah, Amy has a great voice. She sings backup on a couple other songs on this site: Wintercold and Steelbird.

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