Death, Resurrection, Salvation!

There are many variations of death, resurrection and salvation. My Mac died last Thursday. Maundy Thursday? Is that auspicious? I almost had a heart attack when I saw the screen fade away into the mists of Hades, populated by the wraiths of dead motherboards and CPUs. However, thanks to some brilliance on the part of two computer-savvy friends (I am not computer-savvy), my files were resurrected from the hard drive.


Of a sort.

And now I have a brand-new Mac.

Nirvana. Which does not exactly fit into my concepts of death, resurrection and salvation, but, being a writer of fiction, I can afford to take some liberties with words. Nirvana. Is that Hinduism or Buddhism? I can’t remember off-hand. If it’s Buddhism, then that’s apropos, as Buddhism diagnoses the problem with life as suffering. The answer? Enlightenment.

The computer suffers, therefore, enlightenment is found at the Apple Store.

2 thoughts on “Death, Resurrection, Salvation!”

  1. Last Thursday was not Maundy Thursday – you’re getting your Chocolate Days mixed up; it’s Halloween today, not Easter. And tomorrow is All Saint’s, which should be a suitable day to remember your dearly departed Mac (maybe with a visit to the computer graveyard?).
    I’m very glad to hear that your hard drive was reincarnated in your new Mac (that’s Hinduism, I’m quite sure. I think Nirvana might be, too.). The loss of your current story and all your music and stuff would have been too gruesome to contemplate.

    1. Ah, I’ve always been somewhat hazy with the church calendar. Yes, the loss would’ve been gruesome. Perhaps even more gruesome than all the assorted kiddos gorging themselves on chocolate today and then staggering around in various states of sugar highs and withdrawals.

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