Death, Pumpkins, and Other Amazing Things

DeathI wrote this song a while back. It always surprises me that people in the United States tend to avoid the topic of death. Oddly enough, pop culture is fixated on death. It shows up, in one form or another, in everything from the Twilight books to the current resurgence of zombies. In everyday conversation, however, people don’t usually bring up the topic.

Person A: “So, I’ve been thinking about death lately. Seems pretty inevitable, doesn’t it?”

Person B: “Er…you catch the game last night?”

In other news, Saturday was incredibly busy at our farm. Scads of people buying scads of pumpkins. Most of them, I imagine, will end up adorning porches. The pumpkins, not the people.

The occasional ant (that might be a good book title) has been hiking across my desk this morning. I’m not sure what they’re looking for, as there’s no food in the vicinity. Anyway, the ant is a tiny thing, but what an amazing bundle of energy and diligence they are. If I had a hundredth of their dedication, I would be the next Leonardo da Vinci. Despite their admirable qualities, I’m afraid I must execute them if they persist in invading my desk.

You see? Everything circles back around to death. I don’t mean to be morbid. It just is what it is. How often do you contemplate your mortality?

2 thoughts on “Death, Pumpkins, and Other Amazing Things”

  1. After working for many years in a mortuary, my views of death are probably different than most… Your post made me think of a time when two car accident victims were brought in – and the embalmer called me at my desk in the front office to have me come look at one of the deceased victims…he said, ” You gotta see this guy he looks like a smashed pumpkin”. Long story short- he did. Moral? If it’s going to happen, it will. You can not worry about what might happen. Life goes on and we are all actively dying.

    1. That’s a very apt way to put it: we are all actively dying.

      Do you remember Lee from our old youth group days? He’s working for his father’s mortuary company now in Wisconsin. I talked with him last week. Absolutely loves his job.

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