Crawdads, poison oak and smores

Just got back from a family camping trip. Extended family. Lots of kids, noise, crawdads plucked from the creek, poison oak, smoke, smores, barbecue, a surprising and welcome lack of mosquitoes, bad cell phone reception (I despise cell phones), games, minimal showers, and, most of all, family.

Brought and read  PD James mystery. Original Sin. She is, hands-down, the best post-Chesterton/Christie mystery writer. No question about it. Excellent writer.

I need to dive back into my writing, but where’s the time? Another Tormay story (1/3 complete), a post-America thriller (1/2 done), a modern superhero story–but more down to earth, and completely lacking in capes and tights (script 100% done, but need to port it into regular prose), a political satire/romance about the oddity that is modern California (1/2 done).

Physician-writer…heal thyself.

2 thoughts on “Crawdads, poison oak and smores”

  1. Ah – I had wondered about the recent quiet on the Christophorial front. Glad to hear it was caused by extensive merrymaking.

    I haven’t read much PD James. The times I tried, I found her too gritty. Might have to try again; I’m pretty sure I even have some of her books on the shelf somewhere.

    1. Yeah, she can be gritty. You’re right, but she really is an excellent writer. I’m not totally certain, but I think she’s a fairly intentional Catholic. It seems like there’s a lot of theology and theist-centered philosophy that informs her writing. Makes for a more thoughtful and deep read.

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