Do something creative today. I don’t mean practice acts of random kindness. That’s just, well, random. I mean go bake a cake or write a story or build another Notre Dame cathedral (good luck finding worker serfs).

The act of creativity is one of a short list of things that confirms our humanity and also affirms the spark of the divine that is reflected in all of us, despite our deliberate stupidities. It keeps us more alive than simply living.

For me, creativity is an important step of hope that can be taken and should be taken each day. Most days, due to my tiresome health, I feel as if I’m a contraption of broken pieces of crystal, all carefully balanced together, sharp edge on sharp edge, always on the verge of collapse and shatter, covered over with a thinly stretched expanse of skin. That is me, and, as such, there is usually little concentration left over for creativity. Despite that, it is still important, even if there’s only a teaspoon-full of adenosine triphosphate left over.

So, create…we are the children messing about in the wood shavings of the carpenter’s floor. Make a contraption (but do not make me). There are tools and materials available. Just open your eyes.

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