Indie Author Interview: Chris Redding

As I have a little time before the cream pie-wielding extra-terrestrials are scheduled to invade, I’ve posted an interview with indie author Chris Redding. You may enjoy it here. Oh, darn. CNN has announced the cream pie event has been cancelled due to a shortage of bananas in their home galaxy (not CNN’s home galaxy, of course, though I sometimes suspect they are from a different galaxy). Anyway, at least I got the interview done.

Indie Author Interview: Jennifer Rainey

Good evening, denizens of Earth. I’ve just posted an interview with Jennifer Rainey, supernatural comedy writer, piano player, and cooker of maple-glazed chicken. While I’m slightly suspicious of her claim that she was raised by wolves, I do believe that those wolves then sold her to gypsies. Wait a second…did my logic just malfunction?