Mini Educational Song: The Peloponnesian War

Peloponnesian WarIt has come to my attention that a lot of people are desperate to learn about the Peloponnesian War. Well, weep no longer. I just spent two hours of my time in a concerted effort to rectify that lack. Here is the Peloponnesian War set to music and ready to embed itself in your subconscious. From this day forward, when Flommers at the office singles you out during a tense marketing presentation and asks you if you have anything to say about the Peloponnesian War, you’ll be able to suavely drawl, “Why, yes, Flommers. I do. Sharpen your pencil and get ready to take notes.”

This sort of thing will greatly impress your boss and will probably result in a large Christmas bonus.

Relativity and Mr. Einstein

RelativityIt has come to my attention that most people are lacking in Albert Einstein trivia. This, in conjunction with observing my small children memorize quickly via song, has inspired me to write a mini education tune. About Albert Einstein, of course. The song contains five Einstein facts which, I’m betting, most people don’t know. Give it a couple listens and you’ll have ’em in your brain for life.

That way, you can sidle up to someone at the next cocktail party you go to (do people still go to cocktail parties?) and murmur, “Say, do you know how old Einstein was when he wrote his paper on relativity? You don’t? Well, let me tell you, and you can get me another drink while I enlighten you.”