Billionaire? Well, how about…Zillionaire!

Did I miss a memo to the writing community-at-large? All of a sudden I’m noticing scads of Billionaire-This and Billionaire-That books on Amazon. They’re written by many different people, so perhaps Billionaire is the new Zombie-du-jour? Obviously, I missed the newest, hottest trend in publishing.

To be honest, the titles went by in a blur of covers replete with couples grappling determinedly with each other in various stages of undress. I can’t recall any particular titles, but I think they were things like: The Billionaire and the Fantastically Flexible Meter Maid, The Billionaire’s Naughty Next Door Neighbor, The Billionaire and the Blonde Bombshell (I’m not sure, but this one might involve jihad? [please don’t cut off my head if you’re offended]).

I just had a brainwave! Writers are constantly trying to second-guess what the next big thing is going to be in publishing before it happens. The next Harry Potter. The next Twilight. The next Fifty Shades of Grapes of Wrath of Khan. I’ve got it…


I’m off to write a bestseller. The Zillionaire and the Girl in the Zebra-Striped Pajamas. Feel free to get on the zillionaire bandwagon as well (I will only require a modest cut of 10%).

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