Art and Aardvarks

Does anyone actually know what an aardvark looks like without running to the dictionary to look it up? I must confess that I do not. However, like someone crafted the watch on your wrist, I have a sneaking suspicion that someone made the aardvark. Just like someone (you) wrote your book, painted your picture, or baked that delicious chocolate cake sitting on your kitchen counter. All that to say, aardvarks are art, while the art we do is not necessarily aardvarks, or of an aardvark. Still, it is food for thought. Even if you are an aardvark, for they must eat, mustn’t they?

I bet you are now confused. You had better go and have a slice of your cake.

5 thoughts on “Art and Aardvarks”

  1. Why in the world have I not made a cake? Anyone can make a cake; they have mixes for that. they had mixes for aardvarks I would probably make one just to say I had. 🙂 Cute post.

  2. I must confess, I am not immediately able to conjure an aardvarkian image without the aid of a suitable search engine. But my thoughts are now busy masticating on this latest piece of profundity, that art is not the same as aardvarks. And I’ll have you know that the chocolate cake is in the freezer, not on the counter (no, really, it is).

    1. Perhaps art really does equal aardvarks, or the other way around. It certainly would if someone found a mix for aardvarks. That, I think, would be quite the business.

  3. and all this wonderful exchange we are now going to forfeit, since the teddy bear is looking the other way???

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