Another take on “The Problem With Love”

Writing music is one of the more immediate creative forms (other than cooking and finger-painting, I suppose). You write the song, you pull it out of the ether (explain creativity, Dr. Dawkins) and…voila! It’s there. Something has been created out of essentially nothing. How on earth does that work? I better stop this train of thought before it leaves the station.

My old friend and bandmate, Mike Pilato, just whipped a demo together, doing his take on “The Problem With Love.” I had previously posted an ancient demo I did of the song here, if you want to hear the original. Mike’s a heckuva lot more creative than I am with arranging and producing. He’ll take really basic stuff and put on his tall, pointy wizard hat, wave his wand around, and presto something amazing into existence (Steelbird is a good example of that, as that song started as a pretty simple little ballad).

Anyway, here is Mike’s demo of TPWL.

The Problem With Love (pop 6 8)

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