And they’re off!

Rather, we’re off. Had an excellent meeting last night to hash out the story for the film project. Went zipping around the roundabout for a while until we found the right exit. Next move is to break the story down in a terse step outline, take a hard look at it to make sure we’ve got what we need, and then I’m going to write the script. I’ve always found scriptwriting to be fun and relatively painless, particularly in comparison to writing prose. It’s lean and fast and you can gallop through pages and pages without taking a breath (famous last words; see Maginot Line, Dukakis presidential campaign post-tank, etc).

4 thoughts on “And they’re off!”

  1. Yey! (and there was much rejoicing.) Don’t get too dizzy in the roundabout, you don’t want to induce vertigo in your viewers.

    Are you going to keep your faithful blog followers updated on the steps of the process? It’d be cool to get a virtual-long-distance-view of moviemaking.

  2. was thinking the something christopher. maybe a blog that is through the eyes of each of the different key players… director, writer, producer, etc…

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