A Quick Update on the Film

I just finished up what I think is the eighth or ninth version of the script. The plot is done and locked down, so these last three versions have been focused on dialogue. This latest one is getting fairly close to finished (but there’s always room for more tweaking). We’re going to have a small group of beta-readers take a look at this version, plus the associate producer (so he can start wrapping his head around his job).

If you’re in the central coast area of California and are interested in working on a full-length film, please keep tabs on my blog. I would guess we’ll probably shoot in the late fall.

6 thoughts on “A Quick Update on the Film”

  1. i just finished reading The Hawk and His Boy, and well into The Shadow at the Gate. I love the way you write! These books will make great films!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the story, and thank you for such a kind comment. Tormay in film would be a marvelous turn of events! My vote would be for Peter Jackson.

      1. Peter Jackson. Epic. I totally concur! Ok. Please excuse my, er, ignorance, but for what “other” film are you writing the script? I looked at imdb but couldn’t figure it out …

        1. The other film isn’t on IMDB yet. It’s a project I’m currently working on with some other folks. Sort of a psychological thriller. Once we’re closer to the finish it’ll get posted on IMDB.

  2. Daughter #2 on my end begins her photocommunications studies at St. Edward’s University in Austin next month. Four years of all forms of media plus internships. I know where to find you, and she always wanted to go to California…right after Italy…

    1. I’d take Italy any day over California. Boy, have we fallen. If this production goes relatively smoothly, we’re going to try to keep the model going with additional films. We’ll definitely be doing internships if that happens.

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