A Comparison of Two Songs: Take Me Home & Sunlight

Take Me Home


Here are two very dissimilar and similar songs from two different times in my life. Take Me Home is my standard acoustic ballad. It’s the sort of style I retreat to all the time. Acoustic guitars and melody vocal, with a couple harmony vocals sprinkled in. Sunlight is a song I wrote during my Autumn War bar band days. Drums, bass, electric guitar, me doing some yelling. Sometimes, life can get you so mad, you just have to get up on stage and do some yelling. It’s very therapeutic.

However, lyrically, the songs are essentially the same. Darn, I’m boring. Always, and always again, I return to themes of isolation and finding home. Rather, finding the quality of home. That’s a slightly different thing. I suspect I’ll be returning to that theme right up to the day I die.

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