77,000 Words

My current work in progress is clocking in somewhere north of 77,000 words. That’s a good length for a book, but I think I have another 8,000 words to go before I finish. And then it’ll be editing time. I love editing.

This one is a humorous epic fantasy, sort of along the lines of Douglas Adams’ meets modern epic fantasy pomposity. Humor’s an odd duck, particularly when it is someone else’s duck. One person might laugh when they see the duck; another person might frown; the third person might want to eat the duck with a nice orange sauce. You never know. We’ll see.

I suppose it’s a timely book. Timely for me (as it does involve a clock), as I cannot help wanting to skewer a lot of what’s being written in the fantasy genre these days. Skewer with a blunt spoon.

2 thoughts on “77,000 Words”

  1. Epic fantasy with orange sauce? Sounds tasty. Looking forward to it.
    I just re-read “The Christmas Caper” yesterday; I think it’ll be part of my annual Christmas traditions now (along with watching “The Muppet Christmas Carol” and “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”, and reading that Poirot story where they hide the ruby in the Christmas pudding).

    1. Poirot and Santa’s violent elves? I’m highly honored. I suppose there is a connection there, other than Christmas (of course). I’ve always thought Poirot rather elf-like.

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