Steel Bird

Steel Bird

I wrote Steel Bird about fifteen years ago.

The original song was just acoustic guitar and voice. My friend Mike Pilato, former lead guitarist from my college band The Autumn War, took the song and did a completely different production with it. At the time (and even occasionally now), Mike and I were collaborating remotely on music, under the moniker Riverode. My skills are limited in the studio, but Mike knows what he’s doing. He plays all the instruments in this version, so all I had to do was the lead vocal track. His wife added the background vocal.

Steel Bird, looking back on it now, interprets in a couple different ways for me. The really interesting thing for me, though, is that some of the ideas in it are woven in bright and constant thread through the Tormay Trilogy. That was not a deliberate thing on my part, which points to my belief that who we are is inescapable.

So what am I saying?

Don’t try to escape.

Steel Bird

6 thoughts on “Steel Bird”

  1. I love this song! … i just listened to it once, but it has such a haunting quality about it – i don’t know if that’s really what I mean, but it has stayed in my mind… do you have it available at Amazon? i’d like to share it with my daughter, if possible?

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it. I’m afraid I don’t have it on Amazon (didn’t even know that was possible). However, I’ll email the mp3 to you.

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