Time and time again, I find myself returning to several themes in my song-writing.

One of those is mortality. That’s a fairly common theme in songs and poetry, let alone prose in general. There’s good reason for that, as Man is a fragile, transient creature, and mortality is our relentless companion from birth.

I’m not much of a poet, but I tried to deal with mortality in some small way in this song. I coupled it, though, with the Preacher’s theme of vanity from the book of Ecclesiastes. Regardless of one’s religious persuasion (or lack thereof), the book of Ecclesiastes is capable of providing even the most dedicated atheist a great deal of food for thought.

Overboard was an interesting song to record, mainly because of the vocal harmonies. The three-part harmony on the last chorus was one of those fumbling, bumbling bits of inspiration that happily and luckily worked out well. Three guitar parts and three vocal parts. I’d love to properly record this with a full band, but this’ll have to do for now.


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