Life Has Come Undone

Life Has Come Undone

I wrote this song about ten years ago.

I can’t remember the motivation for the lyrics, but it was most likely one of those despondent times I occasionally slip into. Unless you’re an incurable optimist, you’re probably familiar with such an occasion. Colors seem muted, food is dull on the palate, and the reasons behind life become a little fuzzy. Essentially, the hillside is dry of dew, the lark is nowhere to be seen, the snail has retreated into his shell, and God is no longer in his heaven. That’s the mindset I think I was trying to articulate in this song.

My apologies to Mr. Browning.

Life Has Come Undone

8 thoughts on “Life Has Come Undone”

  1. Love it! Love it! Wish I could take it, but don’t have an IPod, so will just save it to the PC. Do share more of your songs! Melancholic, but it truly gives the vibe as described!

  2. Christopher,

    You really should cut a demo of your songs. You have a Rod McKuen quality to your singing, except better


    1. Thanks, Phil. I must confess I’m not sure who Rod McKuen is (I’m off to find some songs of his online). I still have big plans to record your BBOS song…

  3. Hey Christopher! Wow, I didn’t know you were up to all of this! Still pumping out music and writing books! So great! You should get some old Flowers of Rust or Autumn War (the album, not the band) on here too! I still have the tapes, but can’t figure out the chords. Anyway, thanks for posting this stuff!

    1. Hey Nate…oh, man. I completely fell down on that one. I owe you chords! Just got your email. I’d be happy to help out. I’ll be in touch. That sounds like quite a book project.

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