Goodbye California

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I wrote Goodbye California back in the 90s. It was one of those songs that sprang into being as if it had been waiting in the wings of my mind. Lyrically, it’s an interesting song for me, due to the fact that I managed to pull off three layers of meaning in it. Text, subtext, and sub-subtext.

This version was the one done by my Chicago band, the Autumn War. We played this in quite a few bars, from biker bars to the more artsy places in downtown Chicago.

I’d recommend listening to this with headphones and not through standard computer speakers. Anyway, some day I’m going to pull off a couple new versions. I’m pretty sure it could stand up to a stripped down acoustic version, as well as a version in the Don Henley/Boys of Summer category.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye California

    • I totally forgot about this version. Wow. Talk about an echo from the past. Great approach. As usual, more Pilato genius. I’d love to try that a couple steps down.

  1. I use to love this playing in chicago how i miss you guys !!! i want a cd i cant find my old one and now im gonna start searching !!! mike if u got one please contact me on fb !

    • I actually don’t have these CDs either. Not sure what happened to mine. However, if you want any of the mp3s I’m happy to email you the files. Just send me an email and let me know.

  2. Christopher! That song kicks proverbial butt – count me as an Autumn War fan. Sick Bassline – it’s a motivator to keep me practicing – one of those feel it in the middle of your chest songs. Admin, you guys had something special, for sure.

    • Great bass line in that song, courtesy of Mr. Jon Reich. Amazing player. He and the drummer, John Blum, really innovated on how that song originally began (a simple guitar and voice ballad).

      Thanks. We had a lot of fun, bit it certainly went nowhere.

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