This summer, the guys at Powerlineblog ran a contest to dramatize the seriousness of the federal debt.

The federal debt is something that resonates across party lines due to its size (changing all the time, but somewhere north of 14 trillion these days). Sure, people have different ideas on how to deal with it, but at least it’s the elephant in the room that everyone can see. My view on the philosophy of the issue is best demonstrated by the scene in Fiddler on the Roof when someone asked the rabbi if there was a blessing for the Tsar.

“A blessing for the Tsar? May God bless the Tsar and keep him far, far away.”

My old friend Mike Pilato (from my Chicago band days) and I put together a musical entry called “Drowning.” I wrote the initial acoustic version and then Mike took it, tore it apart, stitched it back together, and added a whole ton of his own stuff in the process. He did the instruments and the producing. I showed up to sing the lead vocals. Mike’s wife sang some of the backgrounds.

Feel free to grab the file if you like the song.


7 thoughts on “Drowning”

    1. Let me see if I can dig those up somewhere… I have about a dozen random notebooks I write songs in, all hidden and/or lost around the house.

    2. Lyrics to Drowning:
      a trillion dollars might just be some pocket change to you
      but it’s the future’s pockets that you’re rummaging through
      well, you know your time is past
      your entitlements are going bankrupt fast
      I just hope we can still make it through
      cuz we’re drowning, we’re drowning
      we’re over our heads now in federal debt–we’re drowning
      you want more taxes to feed your government god
      your bureaucratic religion ties us all up with your laws
      with this millstone around our necks
      we’re sinking fast in your ocean of red
      I wish we could swim free from your jaws
      cuz we’re drowning…

      you’ve thrown us all away
      you’ve enslaved and you’ve betrayed
      we’re going down, we’re forced to drown for your mistakes
      you’ve spent our dreams away…

      cuz we’re drowning…

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