I used to play in a rock band when I was in college.

It was a traditional four-piece: drums, bass, lead guitar and rhythm. I sang lead vocals. We were called the Autumn War (named as a comment on the twilight of civilization – yeah, we were optimists), and we played the bar scene in Chicago for a couple years.

Our music style, for the most part, was pretty heavy, as the bassist and drummer were fans of prog-rock bands like King’s X, Dream Theater and Rush. Anyway, the song Camera is an interesting example of what happened when I would write an acoustic-driven song for guitar and voice and then turn it over to the band for dissection and resurrection.

Camera was inspired by a summer I once spent in Ethiopia. I was down there with a missions team from Switzerland, working in two orphanages in and near Addis Ababa. It was the saddest summer of my life. I wish I could forget that summer, but I hope I never do.

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