More tinkering with the Shadow cover

I’ve been tinkering even more with the Shadow cover. This is the latest. The placement of the girl in the image was too central, so I had to lengthen the right side a bit (Photoshop, stamp tool, etc). The version you see is my own attempt (excessive use of the smudge tool to blur the segue from original illustration to added-on section). Josh, the artist, will get me a proper version later, but I was feeling impatient today.

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2 Responses to More tinkering with the Shadow cover

  1. I really was looking forward to seeing what you were doing with the cover, but I can’t seem to see the image. o_O

    • admin says:

      How odd. Hmm. It shows up fine for me. I wonder if it’s a browser issue? I’ll put up a different kind of file.

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