Do I Still Write? - Scribbles and Tunes

Yes. Though, life is so busy these days that I really haven’t done much writing on my own projects (untitled fantasy adventure [60% done], sequel to Fury Clock [just notes], science fiction novel [60% done], Mike Murphy stories [notes], untitled comic fantasy series [notes]). What I have been writing, and just completed, is a film script for a friend’s company. The story wasn’t my idea. I just turned it into a script. To be honest, it’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a very long time. Most scripts don’t get made into film. That’s reality. However, I hope this one beats the odds.

We’re in the middle of the farming season right now. Warm August days with the hills sun-bleached to gold around the valley. All the fields are in varying degrees of green, if still covered in crops, or in momentary shades of brown as tractors work the earth and prepare them for planting. Farming, of course, is considered essential in this time of so-called pandemic, as people need to continue eating.

This begs the question: what is the difference in essentialness between farming and writing? The body needs to eat, but the soul needs to eat as well. How do you feed your soul?

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