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The Reality of Fiction

If I had copious free time (and I don’t), I would head off to Oxford and embark on a master’s degree in the history of literature. Or something like that. I love thinking about the evolution of creativity, how we’ve … Continue reading

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The Stories of History and the History of Stories

People who study story agree that there are a limited number of stories in existence. The numbers vary. Some say seven. Some say there are more than a dozen. What’s important, though, is that there is complete agreement that the … Continue reading

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Coerced Into Chuck E. Cheese’s Dungeon of Fun

So the oldest small child had a birthday recently. There were dooms and portents written in the sky the weeks before. Flights of swallows flew south, jinked north and then were messily eaten by hawks. The oaks dropped their acorns … Continue reading

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A Person With More Foundation than a Library of Books…

And much less dust. Katie Davis. Went to Uganda after she graduated from high school. Went to teach preschool for ten months. And then just stayed. Still there. And has adopted 14 little orphan girls. Regardless of your philosophical persuasion, smile. … Continue reading

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Self and the small offspring (hmm…that might be a good band name) are going to watch one of the Herbie movies tonight. Family movie night. The small pillaging Huns don’t watch a lot of movies and television; at least, they … Continue reading

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The Why of Stories

In all the hubbub and hurry of writing stories, I sometimes lose sight of why I write stories in the first place (I lose sight of a great many things in the hurry of life, but that’s another topic). The … Continue reading

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Shudders and Shutters–the Windows of the Soul

Reading a book is like looking through a window into the writer’s soul. Other art forms afford the same view, but no other art forms offer the same engrossing view; text involves the reader to a much greater degree than … Continue reading

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Relativity and Mr. Einstein

RelativityIt has come to my attention that most people are lacking in Albert Einstein trivia. This, in conjunction with observing my small children memorize quickly via song, has inspired me to write a mini education tune. About Albert Einstein, of … Continue reading

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Giggles the Fawn, Public Enemy No. 1

One of the problems with being a fiction writer (am I a fiction writer??) is that you have to write fiction. The particular problem can be unpacked into its various components: you need opposable thumbs to do the job well, … Continue reading

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From Hunter-Gather to Consultant: Children Evolve

I’ve noticed something startling about children due to being around my three little in-house barbarian sons. Their initial goals in terms of gainful employment revolve around traditionally manly jobs such as firefighters, policemen, astronauts, assassins, etc. These sorts of jobs … Continue reading

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